Recent Case Results

People v. S.M. (August 2013) Case No.: 13-2757
Charges: Transportation of Controlled Substances for Sale and Possession for Sale.
Result: Case Dismissed. Following Preliminary Hearing, judge dismissed all charges against the client.

People v. E.W. (July 2013) Case No.: 13-1788
Charge: Client charged with Robbery and Felony Assault (PC 245). District Attorney wanted a plea to a 211.
Result: Charge Dismissed (PC 211) and Charge Reduced (PC 245). Following a live Preliminary Hearing, the judge dismissed the robbery charge and reduced the Assault to a misdemeanor.

People v. I.H. (Aug 2013) Case No.:13-1213
Charge: Attempted Robbery (PC 211/664) with a Firearm enhancement (PC 12022.53). Offer 12 years at 85%.
Result: Enhancement Dismissed. Following a Preliminary Hearing Firearm Enhancement dismissed after the Preliminary Hearing. On the day of trial, case resolved for 487(c) felony, credit for time served.

People v. R.P. (July 2013) Case No.: 12-4571
Charge: Felony Assault By Means of Force Likely to Cause Great Bodily Injury (PC 245(a)(1)). Offer was a “strike” Felony.
Result: Charge Reduced. Following Preliminary Hearing, judge reduced to a misdemeanor and client and client was able to plead to a misdemeanor for no additional jail time.

People v. T.T. (May 2013) Case No.: 12-2023,
Charge: Client charged with felony drug possession (HS 11377). The Defense was told by DA this will never be a misdemeanor.
Result: Charges Reduced. Following Mr. Raven’s war of attrition: suppression motions, Pitchess Motions and the setting of a jury trial, the DA resolved the case for a misdemeanor.

People v. I.D. (May 2013) Case No.: 13-3789,
Charge: client charged with passing fraudulent checks and because of a prior Strike, her offer was 4 years State Prison. A live Preliminary Hearing was conducted where doubts were raised about the reliability of the identification.
Result: Case Dismissed by the District Attorney.

People v. J.H. (March 2013) Case No.: 13-00144
Charge: Car Jacking (PC 215), Robbery (PC 211) and Assault with a Deadly Weapon (245). A live Preliminary Hearing was held where the cross-examination fo the alleged victim raised doubts about his credibility.
Result: Case Dismissed for lack of sufficient evidence.

People v. J.M. (Jan. 2013) Case No.: 12-2278
Charge: Felony Possession of Controlled Substances (HS11377).
Result: Case Dismissed.

People v. K.W. (Sept. 2012) Case No.: 12-2218
Charge: Felony Assault By Mean s of Force Likely to Cause Great Bodily Injury (PC 245). Offer was felony Assault.
Result: Charges Reduced. Following a Preliminary Hearing the 245 was reduced to a misdemeanor and resolved for a misdemeanor Disturbing the Peace, no additional punishment.

People v. N.C. (Sept. 2012) Case No.: 12-1033
Charge: Robbery (211) with a 10 year firearm enhancement. Offer was for 12 years State Prison at 85%.
Result: Case Dismissed. Following a Preliminary Hearing and thorough Defense Investigation, District Attorney dismissed the case
prior to trial.

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