Gang Crimes

Gang crimes are treated differently by District Attorneys and not widely understood by most criminal defense attorneys. Young people are often labeled “Gang Members” when they are not. They are dehumanized more than any other group of people within the criminal justice system. You need an experienced “gang” defense attorney to defend you.

Mr. Raven has extensive experience handling cases of this nature (see his recent case results). Gang cases are over-charged, over-prosecuted, and carry extremely harsh penalties which often result in overly long prison sentences.  More than most other charges, one requires an experienced criminal lawyer who understands you, the law, and how to fight for your rights.
For example, a Penal Code section 245 carries a maximum of 4 years, whereas when coupled with a gang enhancement (186.22(b)(1)), it carries a potential sentence of 9 years. Or, a Penal Code section 211 carries a potential maximum sentence of 5 years, but when coupled with a gang enhancement, your relative or friend could face a sentence of up to 15 years at 85%.
186.22(a): Substantive Gang Charge. If you are deemed an “active gang member” who has participated in a felony you could be convicted of this charge.
186.22(b)(1): Gang Enhancement. If you are convicted of a felony crime that was committed for the “benefit of, in association with, or …then you could have your sentence SIGNIFICANTLY increased. You need an attorney who challenges every aspect of the State’s case.
Given the extreme consequences associated with “gang crimes”, you need an criminal attorney who knows the law and knows how to undermine the State’s case. Mr. Raven has years of experience fighting gang enhancements and an impressive record of beating gang allegations.


If you, or someone you know, has been charged with a gang crime, it is vital that you obtain an experienced criminal lawyer.  Raven Law will provide expert criminal defense advice to assist you in your case. Call today: (916)-300-1600.